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Even though JustHost started its business in 2008 and is the youngest web hosting company, but over just a few years, JustHost has shown that professionalism and reliability can be offered even by the young companies. No doubt, over and over, JustHost has proven that effectiveness and professionalism can be offered by anyone! What catches the attention of almost all the website owners is the pricing of JustHost. The excellent pricing policy and schemes of JustHost has made this company “a star” with a lot of customers adding to this company every day. JustHost is the web hosting company that is popularly known for its inexpensive hosting solutions as well as unlimited reseller plans. Let s have a detailed look at its pricing. Justhost also provides different types of hosting plans: vps web hosting , SEO hosting, Managed Dedicated Server to choose from. They offer 24/7 support & 99/9% uptime with 100% SLA. Sure enough justhost over the years been growing to be one of the good hosting company. However only you able to judge by reading hosting reviews at search engine to determine if Justhost is really the right hosting providers for you. Do your search before jump into other cheap hosting companies that does not offer reliable support and uptime!

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Compare it with others


Only when you compare JustHost, you realize that this is one of the best and most reliable companies that offer amazing web hosting services as well as features in a jaw-dropping price! Compare it with some of the big names and you will find it excellent, especially if you are a beginner!

Features and price: An excellent combination!

JustHost offers excellent features at excellent price. It offers great deal through two plans. However, often the premium plan of JustHost is not recommended. This plan includes 3 domain names and often people find it worthless at the price. Nevertheless, the usual plan is offered at $3.45 monthly, which is the cheapest of all hosting services. Choosing the basic plan of JustHost can be absolutely worthwhile and can offer excellent features too.

What’s the deal?

JustHost offers you quality hosting at merely $3.45 monthly basis. This is however available with three years subscription. The hosting account can make use of unlimited space as well as data transfer. Email addresses as well as MySQL databases are also unlimited. A domain is offered for free if you sign up with JustHost. Also, if you plan to change your host and come to JustHost, you will be provided with free domain!

Discounts and promotional schemes available

The promotional schemes as well as discount coupons can further lower down the price of hosting with JustHost. However, this comes on limited –offer which is valid p to a particular duration. But you can always check for these discount coupons and promotional schemes.
JustHost is a highly recommended solution for commercial as well as personal purpose, but most of all, it is the best choice for beginners and new bloggers.

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